Tableau Public

Tableau Public is free data visualization software that allows anyone to easily create interactive charts and maps. To use Tableau Public connect to a local file such as a csv or excel file. The tool then allows you to drag and drop data columns and select from a variety of chart types to turn your data into easy to digest visualizations that are called vizzes.


Chart Types – Heat Map – Highlight Table – Symbol Map – Filled Map – Pie Chart – Horizontal Bar Chart – Stacked Bar Chart – Side-by-Side Bar Chart – Treemap – Circle View – Side-by-Side Circle View – Line Charts (Continuous & Discrete) – Dual-Line Chart (Non-Synchronized) – Area Charts (Continuous & Discrete) – Scatter Plot – Histogram – Box-and-Whisker Plot – Gantt Chart – Bullet Graph – Packed Bubbles

In addition to individual vizzes, users can display multiple vizzes in a single dashboard.


Publishing To publish your vizzes, they must be uploaded to Tableau Public. The vizzes can then be included on Web sites using embed code, or the Javascript API.

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